When looking for a tattoo artist you should spend time researching the work and making sure you find the best artist for the style of tattoo that you are wanting done.

Premium tattoos are an investment of time & money and should not be rushed or shopped for by price. You should choose your artist based upon their work and skill alone. It's there forever.

Our artists specialise in specific work styles in which they are highly skilled. They have spent a number of years refining their styles to ensure that each and every tattoo that leaves the studio is to a very high standard. 

As a studio we like to focus on bespoke designs for each individual client. Creative freedom with the design where possible is preferred, this allows the artist space to create something amazing just for you.

To see our artists work please visit our Gallery.

Please note: Our artists do not do cover up tattoos unless they have been lightened by laser tattoo removal.

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When choosing your piercer you should look for someone who is highly skilled in the profession.


This means they have been properly trained for a period of months/years under a professional piercing mentor, watching everything they do for the entire duration, until they master everything.


A piercing course that lasts a few days is not sufficient enough to train someone to pierce safely. Your piercer should be happy to answer any questions you have about their piercing experience and training so please don't be afraid to ask, it's important to make sure your piercer has been carefully trained.

At Toxic Tattoo we aim to provide a piercing service that is smooth, clean, safe and tailored just for you by our professional piercer. She will work with your individual anatomy to ensure that your piercing placement and jewellery selection will aid in optimal healing.

We stock optional jewellery upgrades which have all been chosen specifically by our piercer and are sourced from reputable companies to make sure they are biocompatible and suitable for both fresh and healed piercings.

To see our piercers work please visit our gallery.

Piercing prices, age restrictions, availability & booking can be found here: 



We are proud stockists of the following body jewellery brands:

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