We offer a wide range of tattoo styles from Black & Grey

realism, Blackwork, Mendhi, Mandala, Dotwork, Traditional,

Neo-Traditional, Watercolour, Lettering/Script to simple small


We design all tattoos custom for you at no extra cost*.

We will usually advise the best person for the piece you 

want done, based upon the tattoo chosen as they all

specialise in different styles.

We design everything custom where possible and we will

not copy other peoples tattoos exactly, so please don't

expect it to look the same. This is out of respect for the

original artist and their customer. 

Please look at our Gallery to see pictures of our Artist's

work including our Guest Artists.

*Must be booked in with a deposit paid before any designing takes place. Multiple changes to the design will incur drawing fees. For more information on booking with us please read our booking policy.


Our studio is known for being relaxing and calming

during your piercing procedure, we will do everything we

can to make you feel at ease and answer any questions

you may have.

We offer a wide range of piercings with a variety of

stunning attachments from affordable to high-end brands 

available to add when you are pierced.

We use high grade titanium for all of our piercing

jewellery and only use needles for piercing, NEVER a

gun. This is due to not being able to sterilise the gun

used to a high enough standard and it also causes blunt force trauma. The stud's are one standard length so allow no room for the fresh piercing to breathe and can cause healing problems, therefore we will not use them.

To see pictures of Lucy's work please go to the Gallery section.     



We stock a wide range of body jewellery from standard to high end brands. We have brands that suit every budget and offer payment plans for people who want to pay in instalments. 

To find out more about the brands we stock please take a look below! 

Body Vision Los Angeles (BVLA) is a high end body jewellery designer who has built a reputation of hand crafting luxury solid Gold body jewellery. Each piece of jewellery is custom made just for you to the highest standards.


Using only the highest standard materials you can chose from Gold (White/Yellow/Rose) or even Platinum! Everything they make is custom with your choice of genuine diamonds/gemstones or synthetic gemstones. They can create any idea that you can draw or you can choose from the extensive range of shapes already made! 

All BVLA jewellery is backed with a free lifetime guarantee*. 

All pictures courtesy of

*Lifetime guarantee against defects - this does not cover loss of item.

Anatometal are committed to using extremely high quality materials (18K Solid Gold & ASTM F-136 certified implant grade titanium) which means everything they make comes with a lifetime guarantee*. 

Every item is meticulously hand-crafted from the initial production all the way through to packaging, you can be sure that each item is worth its weight in gold! 

This range comes with the option to customise each piece that they make. You can choose your metal preference (White/Yellow/Rose Gold) and also choose from a wide range of gem/opal colours which will then be hand made just for you! 

Anatometal was one of the first vendors to affiliate with the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) and are extremely respected within the piercing industry.

All pictures courtesy of

*Lifetime guarantee against defects - this does not cover loss of item.

Qualiti body jewellery are a company that make reliable, safe and affordable implant-grade titanium jewellery for body modification, so there is no longer any need for cheap alternatives. 

All items are made of ASTM F136 (ISO 5832-3) implant-grade titanium, making them as suitable as possible for fresh and healed piercings. Using implant-grade metals can also aid the healing process in initial piercings and means the jewellery can be worn safely for longer periods of time.

We hold a wide range of this jewellery in stock at all times at the studio so that you can be pierced on the day with these beautiful pieces or have them put into healed piercings. 

Tish Lyon body jewellery features a beautiful range of 9K & 14K Gold with a mixture of CZ, genuine Diamonds and semi-precious stones. 


We hold a range of this jewellery in stock at all times at the studio so that you can have them put into healed piercings and we can order items for next day delivery if we don't have the item you want in stock. 


Please note: This jewellery is not suitable for initial piercing. 

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