We are temporarily closed under the new lockdown. We know this is a frustrating time for many, including us, so your patience and understanding is appreciated during these times.

Current predicted reopening date:

3rd December 2020 



- The studio will be operating an appointment only system for the foreseeable future. Please do not just turn up without an appointment as you will not be allowed into the studio. NO WALK INS.

- You must attend your appointment alone. Please do not bring any friends/family/partners with you as they will not be allowed into the studio with you.

(With the exception of consenting parents for piercings on children under 16 years old, but again please keep this to one parent only, no younger siblings etc) 

- All clients will have their temperature taken with a non-contact thermometer before being allowed to enter the studio. If you have a high temperature you will not be allowed into the studio.

- All clients that arrive wearing gloves will be asked to dispose of them in an outside bin.

- All clients will be asked to place their personal belongings into a container and sanitise their hands upon entry. These personal items will not be allowed to be touched/used until leaving the studio. If you wish to use your mobile phone inside the studio this will need to be sanitised upon entry.

- All clients must wear a mask for the entire duration of their visit. If you do not have a mask one can be supplied for £1. Please make sure you have a £1 coin as we will not have change and you will not be allowed in without a mask. 

- All clients will be expected to keep their distance from one another as much as possible.

- We are offering all piercings except Oral (lips, tongue, cheeks, smileys). Whilst we are legally allowed to do these, we have decided as a studio that they put our piercer and in turn other clients at higher risk so we are not currently offering them.

- Please cancel your appointment if you:

Feel unwell, have a temperature, sore throat, persistent cough, loss of taste/smell etc.

Have been in contact with anyone who has Covid-19 symptoms in the last 14 days.

Have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 21 days.

Are self-isolating or live with someone who is self-isolating. 

(We reserve the right to refuse service if we believe you are ill)

- Failure to comply with any of the above will result in you losing your appointment, paying in full for your session and you will be asked to leave the studio.


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